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For all your vegetation management and fire hazard reduction needs, contact The Goat Works!

We use goats for natural, ecologically sensitive control of weeds and brush, and efficient, cost-effective reduction of fuel for fire danger management. In addition to goat rentals and associated services, we help you explore long-term management strategies to keep brush and weeds under control.

The Goat Works provides landowners and governmental agencies an ecologically sensitive, economically viable and functional method of managing vegetation and reducing fire hazard. We are committed to meeting the needs of the landowner through creative and innovative use of grazing and browsing animals. We believe that we best serve our clients by staying current with new research and by educating our clients to better manage their property. We also believe that we can meet our customers’ needs by cooperating with companies that provide other methods of vegetation control and fire hazard reduction to create workable, affordable and sustainable vegetation management plans. Our goal is to maintain customer satisfaction and respect by creating working relationships with landowners.

The Goat Works also utilizes other animal species if needed for specific project demands. Due to the nature of goats as browsers, they are particularly effective for clearing brush and are more adept at projects of this sort. We realize that certain ecosystems may benefit from the use of cows and pigs as well and so have begun to incorporate these animals into our management practices. Please check out our Pigs and Cows page for more information.

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