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Fire Hazard Reduction Services

Here in California, rural land-owners must ensure the safety of their home and property by reducing the risk of wildfire. Rural homes built in wooded areas or surrounded by grasslands are at great risk of being damaged by wildfires. Although grass fires are dangerous, truly deadly and fast moving fires occur when fire climbs to the crown of the tree. Fire in treetops can then jump from tree to tree or from tree to rooftop. Fire climbs up "fuel ladders" which are composed of lower twigs and leaves, low lying brush and saplings that ignite and burn quickly.

Goats diets consists of 60% brush and 40% grasses which makes them a natural candidate of choice to browse the lower twigs, brush and saplings that form the fuel ladders and that allow fires to move from the ground into the trees. In addition to reducing fire risk around your home and outbuildings, the activity of livestock on the land returns nutrients to the soil.

Reducing fire risk helps for a safer community. Consider how The Goat Works can help you! We provide services for public agencies, water districts, homeowners associations and the private land owner.

Rates vary depending on many factors including but not limited to: type of vegetation, density, desired results, livestock water availability, site location and fencing requirements. We charge by the acre with a $2500 minimum charge.

For a site specific quote please email us at
Please include your location and a brief property description.

A new law requires homeowners to clear all flammable material within a 100-foot radius of their home, rather than the 30-foot radius previously required.

National Interagency Fire Center
Fire Safe Councils
California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection