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Pigs and Cows for Land Management

pigs at workIn addition to goats, other animals can be beneficial in holistic land and vegetation management. We currently offer and have had success incorporating cows and pigs into our management practices for certain landscapes. Cows are particularly effective at keeping pastures and meadow grasses down. Furthermore, they provide added nutrition for the soil and with rotational grazing can improve pasture quality. Furthermore, the hoof action of the animals disturbs the soil and provides opportunity for a more diverse proliferation of species. This is a benefit that is true for all of our animal management services.

Some people are surprised to hear that pigs can be utilized in land management practices. However, pigs should not be overlooked as they can be particularly beneficial in certain landscapes. Pigs' natural tendencies toward rooting behavior can be very useful in areas that could benefit from loosening the soil and breaking up roots or uneven or rocky ground. Pigs will disturb soil around dead and decaying roots and tree stumps in their pursuit of grubs, which eases mechanical removal. Also, think about situations that you might use a rototiller (we call our pigs in this type of management situation, "pigtilla"). We have used pigs to root and incorporate cover crop and to prepare areas for vegetable gardening. Of course, pigs have the added benefits of providing fertility for the soil that rototilling does not. Problems of soil compaction from heavy machinery are lessened as well and should be considered.


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