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Vegetation Management Services

Weeds and brush are a problem on many rural properties. In addition to being a fire hazard, they compete for water, sunlight and nutrients, restricting the growth of more desirable grasses and other plants. Unwanted vegetation can also reduce the value of your property and limit the use of pastures for grazing or recreation.

When used correctly, the browsing goat defoliates and weakens undesirable plants. Goats prefer to eat coarse, brushy material. Many of these plants are avoided by grazing animals such as cattle, sheep and horses. The browsing goat returns nutrients trapped in weeds and brush to the soil through their manure and allows more desirable plants access to the nutrients they need to grow.

Goats will eat many different plants, including, but not limited to:

  • Blackberry bushes
  • Bull thistle
  • Wild Rose
  • Scrub Oak
  • Star thistle
  • Oak saplings
  • Pine saplings
  • Eucalyptus
  • Sage
  • Vetch
  • French broom
  • Mustard
  • Coyote bush
  • Ivy
  • Scotch Broom

We customize our service to meet your final goals.

For more information about these services and to schedule a consult*,
please call (530) 906-0338.

*Note: We are available to come out to your property for a personal consult. A fee of $50 will be charged for a 30 minute consult. This fee will be waived if you choose to pay for services with the Goat Works.